A Global Co-Living Community

Roam operates properties all over the world, and is strategically expanding to offer more value to members.

World Map

What We‘re Looking For

Co-Living requires a very specific type of property to operate efficiently. Below are the criteria that are required in any Roam property.

Private Rooms

Private rooms and bathrooms are a core part of the Roam experience. Our Members embrace sharing, but also require privacy.

Local Flavor

Properties should be representative of the city that they are in. Soaking in local culture is a key value that Roam provides to members.

Common Spaces

The property must include common areas that can be setup for co-working. Along with co-working spaces, the property should also include non-work, hangout areas.

Exceptional Design

No Ikea allowed! We look for unique properties with consciously designed decor and furnishings.

Shared Kitchen

More social interactions happen in the kitchen than in any other space. A large shared kitchen is more efficient than a small one.

20-50 Rooms

We have found that proprties within this range foster community, without being so large and burdensome to operate.

Where We‘re Looking

Based on consumer demand, Roam is expanding to the following cities. Do you own or manage a suitable asset for co-living? If so, please reach out via the contact form below.

Let‘s Talk

Do you own or manage a suitable property that fits the criteria? If so, please fill out the form to the right and our expansion team will be in touch shortly.