How to Remedy Travel Fatigue

Travel is an ongoing state of infinite possibilities. From the moment you leave your house, a whole world opens up of chance encounters and thrills. The buzz of the unknown is intoxicating, it keeps our senses raw and alive, and reminds us that the lackluster dullness bred by routine can be swept away by fresh…

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In the Kitchen: Marika Kinoshita, Roam Tokyo

Our third kitchen series lowdown takes place in  Roam Tokyo, at arguably the most artistic and poetic of all the Roam locations. Japanese cuisine, most popularly known for sushi and tea ceremonies, encompasses much more than what is often tasted internationally. Japan’s four distinctive seasons allows for a not only a range of varied produce, but…

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Get out of Town: 9 London Day Trips

London is a great city and its location has been, since the Romans founded Londinium, essential for trading and travel routes. Only a short day trip away from the Big Smoke, one can find quintessential British towns, medieval stories, spiritual & mystical sites – all within easy reach by train. FacebookTwitterGoogleLinkedinMail

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