Towards an Untethered Globe

When we hear loose talks on why we should build walls near our borders , many of us have gory visions of a broken world that keeps us awake at nights. It makes one thing clear – there are still many ways, even today, in which the world can be divided. Two bloody world wars and countless smaller ones have not driven home the lesson. We still continue to imprison ourselves inside barbed wires just so we keep the neighbors out. With the kind of awareness and access we have to the world, it seems ridiculous that we still fight over land and movement. The time has come to change this. And it so seems that it is upon the untethered tribe – the digital nomads, remote workers, location independents, howevertheymaycallthemselves- to shoulder the responsibility of uniting this world.

Yes, you heard me right!

It is upon those who seek adventures unlimited by fictitious borders to erase those lines we draw around ourselves. Only the untethered -who work beyond the physical diktats of this world- can make the world rethink the self-imposed restrictions.

That one can roam free on this earth is an alien concept to many of us. We need to learn to love the unknown, embrace ambiguity and take the plunge into a limitless existence. And when we do that – each on their own – we will come to realize how petty our fights over land, water, air (and soon space?) are.
“All I ever wanted was a world without maps.”
 ― Michael Ondaatje, The English Patient
We humans have a tendency to feel entitled towards resources that surround us, making us forget how we built our first civilizations on the basis of community. Earth started out with the Pangaea before parts of the land floated away and got christened as continents. To an untethered person, the world still is a Pangaea of opportunities. And expanding their work horizons in this way expands their thinking. Who they work for is not limited by geography, race, color, creed, etc. These are mere words. How they work is all that matters; helping them tap into the true essence of the person than be bothered about the superficiality we have amassed.

As digital nomads, the potential of the world is at our finger tips. The internet has opened unbeknownst doors for us. In my own case, I work remotely from Mumbai, India for Roam, a US-based company that establishes coliving spaces around the world in places like Bali, Miami, London, Tokyo, etc. This kind of universality has widened my perspective in a multitude of ways just as it has for every digital nomad. Since we are a distributed team, we come with varied experiences in life and work, making and our ideas more holistic; . We are more accepting of one another’s life – from as simple as accommodating for time zone differences to as much as understanding and respecting the complex cultures each of us hails from.

So how can this limited but steadily growing clan of the untethered make a difference to the world? By sharing experiences. The media is accessible and every one of us have our own exploding social audience. The more we talk of how easy it is to spread our wings, the more we establish it as a possibility. Every time we speak of encountering a different way of life and savoring the experience, we make at least a moment’s dent in someone’s perspective. The more we embrace lands other than our own, the more we make the unknown less scary.

This may seem like a tiny thing in the fabric of our the world. But after all, a small step for man will always be a giant leap for mankind!

Make this life a wonderful adventure.

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