Love The Unknown

In youth, the world is wide open.
Life is about trying new things, pushing boundaries, discovering limits, and exploring a planet that is ripe with possibility.

As time passes we surround ourselves increasingly with comforts and lose interest in discovery. Our propensity for boldness atrophies. Our longing to travel and see around the next corner gradually succumbs to fear of the unknown.

We begin to fear the unknown.
                                               Our world shrinks.


A photo of Kate in the East side of Cairo
East side of Cairo, Election Day, 2012

It doesn’t have to, I believe.

They say that with years come wisdom. But instead of wisdom I see familiarity masquerading as safety. We feel safe in our houses, in our community, maybe even in our country. The world outside these self-declared boundaries meanwhile is foreign, and scary. At least that is how we perceive the world. But really the scariest things in our lives will be the closest and most familiar things to us. The most dangerous thing most of us will do in our lifetime is strap our bodies into an automobile and hurtle down a freeway at high speeds with opposing traffic a few short meters to the left. Marinate on that thought. We are three times more likely to die in a car crash than we are from violent crime.

We fear the unknown even when the familiar is more dangerous.


Photo of a door, Old City, Jerusalem, Israel, 2012
Jerusalem, Israel 2012

The way to get over the fear which is at hand will be overcome by years of experience and practice. We gain confidence in our abilities by doing. Every successful travel reinforces those feelings. Every walk around the park, you gain confidence and esteem. Every conversation about the Israeli/ Palestinian conflict, you gain confidence and underst… okay, maybe not the best example as I will never gain the confidence to speak boldly about the topic of Israel/Palestine. But the point is, by stretching our comfort zone we not only broaden our skills and boost our self confidence, but we push back against those fears that only grow over time.

Instead of aging into a shrinking world, we rediscover the wide open one of youth.

We learn to love the unknown.
Follow us as we go into the unknown and create Roam’s fabric of communities across the corners of the globe.

Make this life a wonderful adventure.

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