Seniman Coffee Studio in Ubud, Bali

The attention to detail encompasses you the minute you set your bare feet inside…

A photo of the upcycled furniture at Seniman Coffee Studio
Carefully scattered ‘upcycled’ furnishings flaunt their funky sophistication, while the very deliberate warmth of light, charms your soul into unknown familiarity. The aroma of single origin coffee captivated every ounce of your senses like 10 minutes ago.

Welcome to Seniman Coffee , founded in 2010, it’s Ubud’s go-to for aficionado’s and curious palettes alike. They believe there is a revolution in coffee and Seniman conducts themselves accordingly — “World- class design meets world-class coffee.

A photo of the Seniman Coffee Studio Bar
“Seniman” means artist in Indonesian. The ambiance, meticulous and purposeful plating or the service ware (like recycled bottles used as makeshift trays), beam their crafty roots at every corner.


A photo of Breakfast, courtesy of
Breakfast, courtesy of

“We have the DNA of design in us. It’s not just about the coffee, it’s down to the music, the ambience, the seating, the presentation, the glassware, the table you’re sitting at, the chair, the staff wearing Charlie Chaplin hats. The details culminate in an experience that is unique. That excites me and helps me to get up in the morning”

— David Sullivan, co- founder, courtesy of

Seniman has access to unique and special crops of beans in Indonesia but they carry curated selections of “Single origin” coffee beans from South and central America and Africa too.

Each coffee is hand brewed to order and there’s some difficult choices to be made — for the unfamiliar, the menus come with flavour maps built in. You’ll never be left to stumble through your “Flat Black” order, while you franticly try to remember the expertise you swear you captured when you glimpsed at Barista Magazine, that one time, at Starbucks.

A view of The Seniman Coffee Studio
It’s not only the coffee that brings locals and expats around Seniman, they’re known for their fresh juice selection and all day breakfast — serving western and Indonesian favourites, they’re also one of the few places that cater to early risers and they’ve got some pretty swift wifi too.

Welcome to the world of artisan coffee. If you’re a real coffee nerd or just curious, you can learn from the experts and take a workshop — the history, growing and methods of brewing or tour a local farm, like Kintamani. It’s more than worthwhile.


A photo of Co-founder, Rodney Glick, leading a passionate coffee lab
Co-founder, Rodney Glick, leads a passionate coffee lab
A photo of Micro Roastery, located, across from Seniman Cafe
Micro Roastery, located, across from Seniman Cafe

Short on time? (or attention span) you can hang out at the “Micro-Roastery” across from the cafe and watch their head Barista, Dea, roast and prepare these badass beans. (they also serve a selection of beer and grilled goods in the evenings)


A photo of Girl boss Dea
Girl boss Dea, courtesy of

We wish we could do the coffee hero’s of Seniman the justice they deserve, but words and photos on the internet don’t scratch the surface of what they’re up to here in Bali and beyond — you’ll have to come and see for yourself.

A huge thank you to the coffee guys at, the foodies at Where to eat in for the photos.

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Make this life a wonderful adventure.

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