What to Pack for Tokyo

Tokyo is one of the most exciting cities on the planet. It is only natural that we would open a coliving and coworking space there in 2017. Talk about vision… But what to pack for this wonderland of modern gadgets and vending machines with about anything you can imagine? Although you can find pretty much everything you need in Tokyo, there are a few things that the international nomad should be aware of. Here is a list of a few things you should keep it in mind when packing for Tokyo.


Think Compact

Yes, the city is huge but the spaces are not so. Think compact when choosing your suitcase. Everything is very practical in Japan and Tokyo is a fast paced city – train and underground stations have some storage spaces – for small suitcases!

Don’t forget that the transport system is very efficient and overcrowded – oftentimes there are more stairs then one might wish for and a lack of elevators and therefore you need to be practical in your choices.



Pack Slip on Shoes

Japanese houses are often small and in most households it’s a regular custom to remove your shoes when entering the space – keeping it organized and clean.

The rule also applies to temples, many restaurants and other premises so it is a good idea to pack some slip on shoes or some footwear that is easy to remove – don’t forget to invest in some nice socks!



Japan has really stable seasons and as one should pack compactly it would be better to get your seasons right:

  • Spring: mild heat with showers. A light raincoat will do.
  • Summer: hot and humid. I mean super humid – light clothes are a must.
  • Autumn: A mild season that asks for a light jumper and nice layers.
  • Winter: Cold – bring a good thermal jacket if you are heading anywhere outside Tokyo, especially to Kyoto.

Having said that don’t forget that the Japanese are super-trendy, so find the pieces you most like and get on with the cool crowds of this sprawling trendsetting place.


Gifts From Home

The Japanese love all things foreign – little gifts like chocolates, teas, speciality biscuits or anything that represents your country. I personally take Brazilian flip-flops; jewelry made out of shells or natural beads or even some ‘pão de queijo’ dough – our Brazilian cheese bread – my Japanese friends love it. Make sure it is legal to take the produce – if perishable – into the country.


An Open Heart

Traveling to Tokyo is one of the most enchanting experiences ever – so magical, high-tech and different. In this vast metropolis things have their own rhythm and if one goes with the flow, one is certain to have a one of a kind life experience.

Make this life a wonderful adventure.

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