3 Ways to Reignite Passion in Your Nomadic Journey

When you began on your nomadic journey everything was intriguing, passionate and breathtaking. Every morning presented something you’d never experienced before—a brand new food to try, a new language to listen to, a new culture to take part in. All those months of waiting to begin life on the road were worth it, because it was everything you imagined it would be and more.

However, somehow down the line, the inevitable happened. What once used to cause your heart to jump into your throat with excitement is now nothing more than your everyday life. Walking out on the main street into the chaos of the big city used to fill your heart and eyes with wonder, but now… It’s only normal. You’re used to it because it’s just how you regularly live.

So, this poses the question: How does one reignite passion in their already sensory overloaded life? Is it possible to do so once it’s gone? Luckily, I’m here to tell you that it is. I’ll describe 3 ways to revamp your nomadic lifestyle, bringing the passion back into your daily life again.


Play Tourist Again

Don’t you remember those days? You would arrive to a city only having 3 days to capture the entire essence of this beautiful new place, and would try to absorb every possible thing you can as fast as possible to make sure you didn’t miss anything. Everything is new, the smells are different, and you’ve landed in a brand new culture you’ve never experienced before.

Well, for our first way to reignite passion in your nomadic lifestyle, I’m going to tell you to try to play tourist again. (Even if you know every nook and cranny of the city you live in). Regardless of if you’ve surfed every beach, eaten at every must-have restaurant, or driven your motorbike around the entire area 3 times over.

Oftentimes we, as digital nomads, forget that we have the world at our fingertips. We have created this life with unlimited freedom, and yet we forget to actually take advantage of it. So take a day out of your life to explore your city with brand new eyes—sign up for a city tour, take pictures of what’s beautiful, learn the history of where you are. Play the carefree role of tourist again.


Rethink Your Business

There’s no question over the fact that a good part of our identities as digital nomads surround around our work. When there’s no boss guaranteeing us a paycheck, we tend to become completely immersed in our businesses to create financial stability in our lives. On top of that, we’re also incredibly passionate about what we do for a living, causing us the inability to differentiate our emotional lives with our work sometimes.

But, if you’re seeing the passion for your lifestyle slowly slip away, rethinking how you’re approaching your business can make the world of difference. Are you working in the same place everyday? Have you not been pushing your business strategy in a way that will increase fulfillment and profit? Are things stagnant in your career?

If you said yes to any of those things, don’t be afraid to switch things up a bit. Diligently find the ways that will create meaningful emotions, excitement and advances in your business. Think outside of the box—just like you used to do when you first left your day job for life on the road. Push the envelope until exhilaration finds you again.


Do The Things That Scare You

When living in the unknown becomes the familiar, even living in a foreign country can become quite boring after a while. Living in the chaos and adventure of traveling abroad eventually becomes predictable, and it loses the stimulation factor. You know exactly what to expect every day because you’ve done it for so long now.

When you arrive to this point, you must break out of this funk—for yourself, for your dreams, and for every person who wishes that they could lead a life such as this. Pitch that company you’ve been dying to work for. Board down that volcano. Scuba dive in the ocean. Take that surf lesson. Ask that person out. Learn the language of the country you’re in. Grow, expand, learn, thrive, live. Above all else, you must give the routine and predictability of your new life a good shake every now and again. Ruffle up your feathers—do the one thing you’ve always wanted to do but have always been too intimidated to. Take the leftover dreams that you learned to put on the back-burner, and bring them to the forefront of your mind again. Being a digital nomad is now your comfort zone: but like every other comfort zone, you must break free of that one as well.

You didn’t create this dream lifestyle of yours for it to eventually not excite you. If the passion isn’t there, it is your duty to yourself as a human being and an adventurer to find the excitement once more. It’s there waiting for you, I promise—now it’s just your responsibility to do a little digging to find it. Good luck and happy searching, my nomadic friends.


Photos by Zander Price


Make this life a wonderful adventure.

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