Roaming 101 with David Fauchier

How do you work and live remotely, full time? How much does it cost per month? How do you manage timezone differences?

No one better to ask about Roaming the globe, than Roamer’s themselves…

Meet David, a one of a kind human that instantly make you feel all fuzzy and smiley…

I remember the first time I met David in the co-working space, he was the only other person who started his work day with the roosters — (your new alarm clock in Bali). He’s soft spoken and properly polite — the way your mom said that boys should be. At the same time, he has race cars in his eyes and the undeniable curiosity of a child, exploring everything for the first time.

He’s unassumingly adventurous and down to try anything, like, free diving in the infamously most dangerous depths of the Indian ocean on a Saturday.

A photo of David free diving
David came to Bali for all of July and he’s the most “Global Roamer” we’ve hosted so far. He’s been travelling the world for a year while managing and working on his business, full time.

We caught up with David last week and he shared some insight on living and working remotely, with Roam and beyond — all from a hammock, under the stars, in the Caribbean.

What’s your best advice for someone who wants to travel and work remotely?

If you are young and relatively unattached, you should be dialing up your risk — it’s never going to be this easy.

Make sure you really want to do it! I’ve had a lot of these conversations, people get to the point of taking the plunge and love it and some people end up wanting stability.

Create a timeline and set some simple goals, take it step by step and remember you can always go back, it’s not as scary as it seems. “I am going to quit my job, with 3 months of savings and by the end of December, I will be making a living — if I haven’t figured it out by then, I can go home.”

Just try it — it’s never forever

How long have you been doing this for?

Exactly one year ago I quit my job, took a month off and then started travelling and working full time, remotely.

Where have you travelled this year so far?

LA, SF, NYC, Providence, Boston, Barcelona, Caribbean (3x) Bali, back to SF soon, NYC, Boston then I’ll head back to London. I usually spend about 1–2 months in each city.

A photo from David's travels
What are you working on now?

Product management and data infrastructure with my start up, Mr.Wolf.

How do you manage ever changing timezones?

Adapt! Most of the companies I work with are in NYC or SF — I am as flexible as possible. I batch reoccurring calls into the same nights, like Tuesdays and Thursdays — I just know that I will be working late on those days. It’s my choice to be travelling so I believe it’s my responsibility to put put up with the inconvenience, I don’t mind getting up early or late. It can be really nice sometimes, like when I am in the UK and I am working with SF, I can work from 9–4 uninterrupted, then I’m totally on top of things when everyone else wakes up.

How much money do you need monthly?

Roughly $3,200 US. I have been in a few different places, and it always changes — but generally, that’s my budget. You can rent a flat for $400 EU a month in Spain but in San Francisco, it’s A LOT more. Everything I make, I put into one account, I put $3,200 a month into that account and that is what I live off of — it always works for me and I just save the rest.

What do you spend the majority of your budget on?

1\3 each: accommodation, food and adventures — it’s pretty evenly split but again, it depends where I am. I use an app called ‘Pennies’ and it’s really useful. I used to log everything I spent when I first started out and it really helped calibrate everything for me.

When you jump into this life — you really have no idea how much you will need. At home, you’ve got a pretty good idea of what you spend on dinner, a night out or on rent, but when you drop into a new city — it really takes away that predictability.

Why did you choose Roam?

The concept of Roam is perfect for me, I really think you guys are setting a standard for this globally. The idea was to try it out in Bali and if it worked well, I could drop in at any of the locations and not have to worry about anything. It takes a lot of the stress and hassle out of planning and now that I’ve experienced it, I know I can rely on it being exactly what I need to stay productive when I am travelling.

What was your favourite part of staying at Roam?

Honestly, everything fit together so well. It’s hard to have a 10 out of 10 and Roam was a 10\10 —from the community events, the amazing staff, the rooms, the co-working space, the location, to making sure everyone has what they need, those details make a huge difference and you guys nailed it. Oh and Lu the dog, I miss Lu! ❤

How did you organize your days in Bali?

Wake up, head to the kitchen kitchen, talk to people, make some eggs and have breakfast, office at 8 am work till lunch, jump in the pool, have some Nasi Goreng, then work until 4, jump on scooter, head to town and explore, meet and make new friends for dinner, back back in the evening for calls and bedtime. On the weekends, we were always exploring, organizing trips — it was perfect!


A photo of David and our community doggie, Lu working side by side
David and our community doggie, Lu working side by side

And your favourite adventure in Bali?

Nusa Lembongan, it was THE BEST, I loved that place. The diving was awesome, the parties were great, daytime was awesome and then you cold just ride off on a scooter to other islands, it’s hard to find that in Bali.

A photo of the white sand beaches at Nusa Lembongan
White sand beaches at Nusa Lembongan

If you’re coming to Bali, definitely make time to see the islands, go explore outside of Kuta and Seminyak — there are some serious adventures to be had!

A photo of David at the beaches
A photo of David roaming
What’s next for David?

I’m planning to go back to London in October to settle in for at least 6 months. I want to get a flat and an office and focus on growing my business, see my family and friends — maybe a proper girlfriend! Ideally, I’d like to be home 8 months of the year and then take 1–2 months off every winter or summer, I’d like to be completely location independent with my work and keep travelling this way!

If you’ve got questions about setting up a location independent lifestyle, send us a note at!

And if you’d can’t make it all the way to Bali, yet, make sure you stay tuned with our upcoming locations here.

Make this life a wonderful adventure.

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