London Calling: Roam to Open Doors at Draycott Avenue

London is a pretty big place – and one of the busiest, most energetic cities in the world. Here’s an introduction to our new location, and why we chose Chelsea as the perfect neighborhood to serve as your home base in London.

Modern + Cozy, As Only London Can Do

London can often times divide people who visit it for the first time. Either people love it right away, or they are taken aback by the grey weather and unusual food. In opening our London location, we make sure to shed light on all the city has to offer, creating the ideal environment for those who wish to stay a bit longer and acclimate to the city’s idiosyncrasies.


While embracing British sensibilities, modern design, and cozy amenities, our Draycott Avenue location also counts on bursts of rich color in common areas and plenty of work space for all types. Whether you like your own desk or prefer to work curled up on the couch, we have all ends covered.

As for the specifics, Roam London has 34 spacious rooms, one large coworking space with up to 20 seats, 4 meeting/living rooms, and multiple common areas. The property not only boasts facilities that make coliving and coworking seamless, it also allows you to experience London from a stimulating central location that can’t be beat.



Speaking of location…

Choosing Chelsea & Draycott Avenue

The Chelsea neighborhood has a deep and fascinating history, which is part of what drew us to look for a location here.

From the 18th century onward, artists and creatives have flocked to this part of West London for both the quintessential London living experience, and space to practice their craft among like-minded individuals.

In the early days of Chelsea’s popularity, Jane Austen spent time here, along with Henry James and Bram Stoker. By the 19th century, Chelsea was the stomping ground for radicals, artists, painters and poets; in the 20th century, the King’s Road became the centre of the Swinging Sixties, the invention of the mini skirt, and the birth of punk. To say that there’s a lineage of great art created in Chelsea might actually be an understatement.



Now, Chelsea is one of West London’s most coveted neighborhoods. Within a stone’s throw of our Draycott Avenue location, you can find world-class museums, one of London’s best football teams, and shopping to your heart’s content. We also made sure to situate ourselves close to the Tube, gyms, restaurants, and – of course – a selection of good pubs for post-work pints with your fellow Roam residents.


We don’t want to give away all the great secrets we’ve cultivated for our London location though. Come spend some time in London and see why we are so excited to be here. Curious about our new location? Book a room in London now.

Make this life a wonderful adventure.

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