In the Kitchen: Michelle Sims, Roam London

We all know the kitchen is the heart of the home. The joy of preparing and sharing food has never been lost in any culture, regardless of modern living and its fast-paced needs.

To sit and break bread gives you a time out from your day, lets you unwind and share love and laughter with others. As the first of our “In the Kitchen” series, our Roam London community manager Michelle speaks about how their hub fuses British tradition with other-worldly flavors.

Michelle is a health-conscious local with a fierce Pad Thai addiction. As a food lover herself, she has witnessed firsthand how all Roam activities converge around the kitchen.

Cooking and socializing are the same thing here

The chef-style kitchen is the first place new Roam arrival walks into, it’s where they spend time at least once a day, and it’s eventually where those special connections between Roamers form.

Every Wednesday night Michelle hosts a Community Dinner, which goes beyond expected British flavors. These multicultural flavored nights have seen Sushi spreads, Greek nights, potlucks, family Roasts and more. Michelle hand-picks the organic ingredients and provides the recipes, the rest is down to Roamers as they divvy up tasks and co-create the feast. The delicious banquets that result are not only from teamwork, but the high-energy atmosphere that keeps spirits high. Naturally Michelle refers to Wednesday’s the best night of the week.

Roam: What are the top ingredient secrets you’ve discovered at Roam London?

Michelle:  Local homemade Jams from our local Pie Man in Chelsea, found at “The Pie Man” shop. We love this on homemade scones made by Roam members!

The other is “Local Salts”. These quirky salts – (such as salt “made from human tears”) are a fun addition to our London Kitchen and give a humorous twist to the Sunday Roast.

You can find them here.

How does the varied cultural background of Roam guests influence the food? What are standout dishes you’ve tried?

Some of my favourite dishes to come out of the kitchen have been made by Roamers. One was the Spaghetti Bolognese made with ‘Roam love’ for Valentine’s day. The other was a dish made by one of our guests who was from Belgium called ‘ Chicon au gratin with béchamel’ (grated endives with béchamel sauce).

What’s your favorite part about the Roam kitchen?

Michelle: I love the Karma Bar! I have a little shop that I leave unattended. It sits and works by itself. I just collect the change at the end of the month and restock it every few days. There are healthy treats like Coconut water, whole earth’s elderflower & cranberry sparkling water, Nakd bars and Bert’s traditional British crisps.

Do you have a kitchen/mealtime anecdote you can share?

You can learn a lot about a Roamer from what they eat and how they organize their fridge space.

The kitchen is where roamers see old names disappear and new names appear on the fridge. Roamers learn a lot from this experience like cultural differences, new stories and how to deal with constant change.

Please share your favorite local hotspots!

Favourite restaurants: Bluebird ChelseaGoatTom’s Kitchen Rabbit. Grocery stores: ‘Here’ (organic food supermarket in Chelsea), Andreas, Waitrose, Kings road has a big range of affordable organic food. For cafes I like  Good Life Eatery and Muriel’s Kitchen.

Thank you Michelle!

Make this life a wonderful adventure.

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