Get an Idea, Start a Business, Talk to People

We welcomed explorers Laura and Alana to Roam Miami a few months ago, without knowing how much we would actually learn from these location independent veterans. One of the perks of coworking and coliving is getting to know the risk takers, adventurers, and forward thinking people who become your temporary family. Putting sharp brains together can really only lead to great things.


When we asked Alana about her experience traveling the world with her partner and working remotely, she gave us a key piece of advice that we think is worth sharing over and over. Most people are skeptical about the unknown, and this new concept really embodies the philosophy of throwing fear out the window and living the life you’ve always dreamed of. For those wondering how we all make it work… It goes something like this: get an idea, start a business, and talk to people.


At Roam Miami, we have a variety of minds and types that come together to live life under that precept. It’s a rich environment to be part of, but Alana and Laura have gone above and beyond to expand on the original thought of what it means to colive and cowork. By setting up their own wellness program within Roam, the couple not only enhances the sense of community that brings everyone together, they also make sure everyone is healthy and looking good. Apart from adding a wellness component to Roam Miami’s agenda, the duo has also organized social events, catered dinners, kitesurfing adventures and happy hour yoga.



However, this does not all come as  a surprise. Laura’s company Verve Movement, has been changing the concept of “vacation” and creating a global community through the combination of adventure, yoga, meditation and transformational body work. By adding her expertise to the Roam experience, she is also changing the concept of “coworking”,  encouraging people to take more work breaks to spend time on themselves.


Alana and Laura offer traditional and hip flow yoga classes 5 mornings a week, in addition to Swedish massages by appointment in the meditation room, and a beer yoga class for the late risers who just simply enjoy a cold beer during sunset yoga. This light hearted approach to exercising  adds humor creates an elevated sense of community, which is what we’re all about.

Although the explorers are leaving town for the holidays, you can catch them back in Miami on the new year.

Photos by Tom Bender

Make this life a wonderful adventure.

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