Coworking in Ubud, Bali with Britanny Carter


Britanny joined us in May for her second trip to Bali. (She’s visited over 10 countries around the world!)

We love Britanny’s courageous and adventurous spirit! She approaches life with a curious wanderlust, while at the same time, very much values her professional development, prioritising her career responsibilities and choices — that’s what brought her to Roam and we’re so glad Britanny found us.


A photo of Britanny's Rice Field Adventures
Rice field adventures in Bali

What was Britanny working on during her time in Bali? The tail end of her position as research analyst with IBISWorld . She was transitioning to a fully remote position, with a travel start up, called Flying Yak. Britanny mentioned it was hard for her, to make this transition — she liked her job but it wasn’t her passion and she felt guilty about being the only team member who was working remotely…

A photo of Britanny at Roam
Wanderlust aside, Britanny came to Roam because

“After spending a few months with the “Inaugural Remote Year program” — “ I definitely felt my professional development had stalled and I wanted to see how other people were furthering their careers abroad. I wanted to meet people who were doing meaningful work, not just working a job to pay for their travels abroad.”


A photo of Maria, Roam Community Manager: Erma and Britanny exploring 'Petulu Village' in UBUD, Bali
Maria, Roam Community Manager: Erma and Britanny exploring ‘Petulu Village’ in UBUD, Bali

Was it easy to work from Roam, Bali?

“The coworking space was awesome! The internet was reliable and fast (I wasn’t expecting this in Bali) and there were always cool people in the space, working on something interesting. I loved that Roam had Eames office chairs, that made a huge difference for me.”

What is Britanny doing now? Britanny is working with Flying Yak, from her hometown, Seattle, Washington.

What is Flying Yak?
“A comprehensive travel source for everyone who shares the wanderlust gene.”

Flying yak connects people with likeminded travellers around the globe with curated tips and info to prepare you for your next destination.

What does community mean to Britanny? “I really like getting involved in the communities I visit around the world. It started as a passion — from launching a website for a dog shelter in Dubrovnik ( to flying with 40 kilo worth of donations from the US to an orphanage in Cambodia, I am excited to find out what the future holds for me!”


A photo of Britanny visiting her most recent volunteer project in Cambodia
Britanny visiting her most recent volunteer project in Cambodia

Ask Britanny about her super power: “I was an industry analyst for over 70 different industries, I can come up with pretty much any random fact imaginable.” We tested Britanny on this, it’s true!

A photo of Britanny lounging in the hammock at Roam Ubud
Ask Britanny about the palm trees in Bali!

Britanny’s words:

Roam is an amazing space for people who are working remotely and interested in living abroad… It eliminates all of your fears about travelling, especially when you are solo.
When I was in Bali, I could focus on enjoying my experience, meeting amazing people in the Roam community and I had a lot of space to focus on my work in a comfy space — I didn’t have to worry about anything, which was really, really awesome. It felt like home!”


A photo of Britanny in the Roam Ubud Kitchen
Britanny in the Roam Ubud Kitchen

Sending you love from Bali, Britanny!
See you again real soon ❤

Make this life a wonderful adventure.

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