Listen, Lift, Forward Motion: The Art of Letting Go

The most important practice is a simple one: to listen. It catalyzes forward motion, even more so when you listen to yourself. Oh, to move and be moved, letting go.

Us Roamers share a commonality; we listen to the world calling us.  Though in fact, this craved curiosity is truly an intuitive necessity; in listening to ourselves through the movement of the world, we act. We give ourselves permission to lift and let go.

Often this release happens in our professional routines in response to feeling weighted down.

Repetitive patterns create comfort zones, which is nothing more than a vast environment of disengagement. It is here that we eventually disconnect from ourselves and the stimulation of forward motion.

In response to the vitality of moving beyond our comfort zone, the word ‘roam’ has shifted from a verb to a noun. With the presence of Roam, we now have the world to experience and a community to belong, a space that isn’t cornered in one culture, city or mundane routine. It bridges the gap of feeling weighted down and becoming unbearably light.  The ever-changing environments, personal interactions, and cultural discoveries allow us to reconnect to our creativity, and in-turn, to ourselves.

But shifting from ‘once attached’ to ‘now nomadic’ is a very real process.  Rooting down first in yourself allows for an even greater expansion outward.  Take time to build a strategy, and a creative one at that.

Listen, then lift; create forward motion: this is the art of letting go.

Have a conversation with yourself.

What do I envision?

When do I feel strongest?

Make the conversation inclusive.

Understand your personal and professional needs and then focus on the needs of those on your team. Include your clients (both present and future).  Most importantly, open your manifests to your family, friends, and partners. Though keep in mind: you are not here to ask for permission. The intention is simply to understand how you can catalyze your own shift, while maintaining connection to your community.

Be creative, then be realistic.

Do not fear the creative process.  Scribble your manifest in a boundless splurge of desire. Visualize your transitional road map (no straight lines required). Then refine your strategy. Precisely build the stepping stones from now to then.

Embrace grit.

It is vital to be disciplined in not just creating a plan, but acting through it each day. Do not discredit forward motion, no matter how small. Do not halt because you’ve moved ahead. Allow the process to become a practice.

Keep open lines of communication.

Continue to open your practice to others.  As your lifestyle shifts, so will your relationships, including the one you have with yourself. The best way to stay in tune is to understand that communication is a reciprocated conversation.


Make this life a wonderful adventure.

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