5 Unexpected Work Benefits of Co-Living

The coliving movement has surprise benefits for everyone, as it engages us with the sense of community and belonging that contemporary urban living has lost. But it also has hidden benefits specifically for freelancers and entrepreneurs that face specific challenges in their working life. Like many emerging cultures, these benefits are not well known, but usually discovered in the process itself. Here at Roam we are happy to share our latest game-changing “discoveries” around coliving.

Your Network… Squared

Most people who choose a co-living and co-working space to call home and office are freelancers, independent professionals, or another form of location-independent worker. All require a strong network to support workflow and productivity, in terms of both people and knowledge. Let’s say on arriving at your new coliving home, you connect with 21 people who are equally connected as you. Assuming most of these entrepreneurs have the average Lined-In network of 500+ contacts or more, this instantly boosts your prospective network to 10,000+ new potential contacts. This is extremely valuable for finding the resources and the connections that can help advance your professional life.

A Social Life that Flows

If you are already an entrepreneur, you probably have noticed that you tend to work more hours (most of them odd hours) than some of your friends in a traditional office job. You probably have the same social needs as you’ve always had, but your atypical schedule doesn’t allow you to follow the rhythm of your friends and social group. Sharing a co-living space solves this problem as you find yourself with a built-in social life. Work easily transitions to play as amenities are close to hand, and your fellow housemates are likely follow similar arbitrary schedules. By living with people who understand your lifestyle, you will find socializing comes much easier, whatever the hour. When you are in need of solo time there is always you’re the privacy of you room to unwind.

Diversity of Relationships

A photo of Dwi, Alysia, Rully

In a co-living environment, people are brought together by lifestyle, not by age or demographic. This means that you will find yourself surrounded by people from all walks of life. Living with such a diverse group can bring fresh insights for entrepreneurs, as well life experiences from different perspectives that are not only enriching for work, but life. By being exposed to different ways of life, you can evaluate what aspects you may want to incorporate in your own. For example, one resident may travel the world writing about social impact projects, another may be living in a co-living space with their child. Hearing and learning from all of these life experiences challenges our own beliefs and can inspire us to incorporate new thoughts in our future plans.

Strong Support Group

A photo of Alysia and friends coworking

One of the drawbacks of running your own business is that when things don’t go as planned, there is no one to resolve it but you. Carrying the weight of both fortune and misfortune is part of being an entrepreneur. This can be hard for people to understand who don’t face these challenges – at an office job, you can check out when you go home. In a co-working space there will always be people facing similar ordeals, and you will always find a compassionate, understanding ear for support, and in most cases, advice too. During this process it’s great to have peers that understand what you are going though, and they may even be able to suggest a new way of handling things. This peer group acts as an informal Board of Advisors, always nearby when there is an issue to work through.

Make this life a wonderful adventure.

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