Along came Rully

I’ll never forget the day that Rully came in to interview with us for the post of community manager at Roam, Bali. Erma and I had been through countless live interviews, over 200 digital applications…

You see, Roam’s community manager, is like the cheese in the mac and cheese, or in Bali, the Nasi in the Nasi Goreng. It matters, and we had to find the right fit. It seemed like he walked in straight out of a story, soulful — smiling eyes, a curious spirit with a side of cheeky, unapologetic humor… he was Rully, and he was the one.

A month ago, Rully joined the Roamily and ever since, he’s been spreading happiness around like snowflakes fall in Canada. I wish another word for inspiration existed, or a word that could do justice to his character. He’s got his own jewelry line, a captivating collection of visual art, he also does stand up comedy — and Beyonce is his spirit animal. In all seriousness though, he follows whatever creative pursuit captures his attention and does it fearlessly.

If you want to find out what inspired this young creative to get started, where to find the best seafood in Bali or where to go on the coolest adventure, keep reading…

A photo of Rully's first Pasar Pasaran
Rully’s first Pasar Pasaran

How long have you been in Bali?

I packed up and left my hometown, Bandung, 6 years ago to pursue a new adventure. I lived in Seminyak for one year, I came to Ubud 5 years ago…

Why did you choose Ubud?

I love how people here can be more accepting of anything and everyone, it’s so traditional yet modern. Bali accepts people from around the globe but it’s still really traditional and those traditions are protected. It’s so green here and it’s beautiful…

What made you want to join the ‘Roamily’?


A photo of Dwi, Alysia, Rully
Dwi, Alysia, Rully

I didn’t understand what it was before, after I read about it I thought it was awesome… Honestly, it feels like visiting a friends house with so many friends but, nicer… haha. Roam is creating a new way to live and I get to be a part of that, I get to meet so many interesting people from all around the world and it’s really, really cool.

What inspired you to make jewelry?

Honestly, there were no rings in my finger size so I decided to make my own rings. I heard about in Tampak Siring so I went to check it out, I made my first ring in 2015…

I got so excited about it, I decided to make a whole collection. It started with just 5 rings and I couldn’t believe that people really liked them…

Photo of more jewelry from the House of Rumantra
More jewelry from the House of Rumantra


A photo of the Tarsal Bracelet from the House of Rumantra
Tarsal Bracelet from the House of Rumantra

What inspires the collections?

I really love animals, more than humans actually. The first collection was inspired by birds. I decided that my collections would always have an animal theme…

10% of all proceeds go to West Bali national park to help conserve the birds and animals of Bali.

A photo of the pristine beaches of West Bali
West Bali a rare and untouched piece of the island

How did you learn to make jewelry?

I didn’t… the most important part was liking it! I believe that is how you will learn the best way. I just drew things, worked with artists and figured it out as I went along.

How did you start selling your pieces?

There is an young artisan group that hosts a market in Bali called Pasar Pasaran. Two girls involved were my neighbours — when they saw my rings they encouraged me to sell them and so that’s what I did!

People really liked the collection, so cool!

Tell us about Pasar Pasaran

We are a collection of creative humans — artists. Bali was missing a local, young artisan market. It’s kind of filled up with generic stuff, you know? A lot of the art here now isn’t even produced in Bali and it’s all the same. We wanted to do something different and bring back the tradition of art, in our own way.

It’s really a group of friends doing something fun together…


A photo of Rully and Kanda at Pasar Pasaran
Rully and Kanda keepin it real

A photo of Pasar Pasaran Celebrations

A photo of the Pasar Pasaran Celebrations
Pasar Pasaran Celebrations

What’s your favourite part about making art?

The imagination of it and designing, I really love that part.

What’s your best advice for someone who would like to pursue something creative, like you have?

Just make things YOU would wear and that you like. If you wouldn’t like it, why would anyone else? Just go for it, seriously.

Where can we find your jewelry?

Online at Instagram and Facebook for now. In Bali, at Bali yoga shop and the Pasar Pasaran concept shops in Sanur and Seminyak.

A photo of Rully at the Balinese Folklore and art exhibition at Roam
Rully and the artists of AKU, host an exhibition of Balinese Folklore and art on the Roam, rooftop, every 4 weeks


A photo of Rully's artwork 'Siap Selem'
Rully’s exhibition piece, a rendition on “Siap Selem” the folklore of “The black Hen” in Bali

Best spot for seafood in Bali?

Oh man, I love seafood! Honestly, I love cooking together with friends and the best seafood is in “Pasar Ikan Tradisional Kedonganan”. In the tradition of street food and eating fresh fish, you can find a lot there.


A photo of Anya, Rully, Petra and Oscar the Chef, cooking up a seafood fiesta in Roam’s communal kitchen
Anya, Rully, Petra and Oscar the Chef, cooked up a seafood fiesta in Roam’s communal kitchen

Best adventure spot in Bali?

A photo of the beaches of Menjangin
Everyone should go to Bemuteran West North Bali — Menjangin. The snorkelling is the best in Bali, its beautiful. Especially deer island, it’s almost like Gilli but way more beautiful and peaceful — no tourists and crowds, just nature.

I did a 3 day trip there on my dirt bike, best trip I ever had.

What’s your favourite part of Roam so far?

The kitchen, it’s very communal and I like to cook. If you go to a hotel, there is no kitchen, I hate that. The kitchen really brings everyone together, it feels like a family here.

Where do you want to travel next?

India, next year ! I want to visit the places in the Mahabharata story and visit all the kingdoms. I grew up with that story, it’s like my snow-white.

Rully’s words of wisdom

You don’t have to be 100% sure about what you want to do, it takes away the spontaneity and the fun part of life — don’t plan so much and see where it takes you.
He’s become a pivotal part of our community here in Bali, filling the space with vibrant, creative energy, collaboration and a certain spice your mama didn’t tell you about.

A photo of Rully at Roam Ubud
If you ever thought making a change was scary, his story is a beautiful reminder to follow your own north star.

We are grateful to call him family and we know you’ll feel the same ❤

If you want to track him down, send him an email or follow his artsy adventures on Instagram.

Make this life a wonderful adventure.

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