Adam Husler: Bringing Yoga, Mobility, and Meditation to London

Adam Husler is a spiritual entrepreneur – one of many professionals who found his calling teaching a spiritual based practice – in his case yoga. As one of the most sought after teachers in London,  Adam has a very interesting and nomadic story – one that showcases a new way of approaching the challenges of finding one’s path.

Raised in Birmingham, he pursed many career paths before finding his true passion as a yoga teacher – a lucrative legal career was left behind to work with underprivileged children. His law degree was quickly put aside to purse other goals – he’s been a triathlon athlete, an aspiring boxer and ‘don’t mess around’ 110kg weight lifter.

This eclectic background including boxing, ultra marathons, a law degree and over 9 years on a yoga mat, has in way shown him that all paths are valid but true calling took him to teach and to inspire people to find the beauty within. Adam brings a unique non-dogmatic perspective to his yoga teaching: intelligent alignment, anatomical precision and creative sequencing that give more significance to mobility rather than flexibility.

It’s interesting to see that the yoga scene in London has increased tremendously – with more people seeking the benefits of the millenary yogic practice that has taken many shapes and forms: hot & not. The practice has also increasingly attracted the male crowd, once reticent of experiencing it as a regular physical practice. Teachers like Adam might be the conduit of this change –  putting the spotlight on male yoga practice and inspiring men to develop their physical & spiritual strength in a new and transformative way.


Adam is part of the Boys of Yoga movement, who aims to inspire more men to join this practice, and is an advocate of less is more – due to his busy schedule of international workshops travels he has a pretty strong sense of keeping the balance between work and rest. In this fast paced nomadic world, the culture of being busy is quickly making space for inner connectedness. A good approach if you are a digital nomad.

Adam teaches at various yoga studios in London and gives international workshops all around the globe.

Make this life a wonderful adventure.

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