Live Around The World

The basic concept:

Starting at $500 per week, you gain access to incredible coliving spaces and local communities around the world. Come and go as you please.

Roam Together

Show up and find community anywhere.

Each Roam space is much bigger than a house, so that we can comfortably support a large, diverse community with plenty of gathering spaces for events, meetings and classes, for both members and neighbors.

We've done everything from Pecha Kucha nights with lightning fast talks to pop-up dinners with up-and-coming chefs to weekends away on the beach. Many of these adventures are posted on our  public Facebook pages. Find exciting examples of what we've done in both Ubud and Miami. Have an idea? Tell us about it and we'll run with it.

Roam Productively

Get work done.

With Internet access from anywhere, where we live and where we work are colliding in unpredictable and intriguing ways. Adventure doesn't have to wait until you quit your job or you retire.

We'll make sure that when you live with us, you'll always have a strong and battle-tested internet connection. At Roam, you'll be able to accomplish anything online even from the other side of the planet. We provide everything from redundant fiber lines to multiple providers, Cisco Meraki gear, universal power outlets, and Eames  aluminum office chairs.

Madrid Coworking


Roam Coworking Space
Roam Coliving Workspace

Roam Comfortably

Enjoy privacy and comfort.

Every room includes a private bathroom and is fully furnished with a queen or king-sized bed. We provide sheets, towels, and all the other little things you need to feel at home. The battle-tested, high-speed Internet extends to every corner of your private space.

We are happy to work with partners like Tuft & Needle  and Parachute who share our sense of honest quality.


Roam Miami rooms

Madrid Coliving Space
Roam Coliving Bedroom

A Global Coliving Community

Go anywhere you want.





San Francisco Coming Soon








Sloane Square

San Francisco

Alamo Square

Coming Soon


What's included and what isn’t?

When you stay at a Roam, you will always have your own private bedroom with your own attached bathroom. All rooms are fully-furnished. Beds include a comfortable mattress, pillows, and crisp sheets, from our partners tuft & needle and parachute.

You also have free, unlimited access to all communal areas. Every location has a coworking space (open 24/7), shared kitchen, and laundry facilities. Most locations also include extras like a pool, media room, event space, and plenty of other areas to enjoy your adventure. All utilities and impeccable wi-fi are included. Food is not included. Classes, trips, or other activities may cost extra.

What are the people like?

We’re all thinking it. Glad you asked. Basically, everyone has three things in common: an excitement for community, a sense of adventure, and a total respect for privacy.

We are for all types, late 20’s to early 70s and everything in between. Our average age is 38 and includes those from all walks of life. From well known novelists to successful founders, BCG principles to Le Mans drivers, and accountants to IT consultants. There’s no need to be a certain “type” to stay here. We’re all humans with our own interesting stories.

Check out some featured People of Roam, here:

Performance Artist
What's the cost?

Price varies by location. They start at USD $500 per week ($1,800 per month) and go up to $850 per week ($3200 per month).

All prices are per room, pay-as-you-go. No deposit or set up fee.

Are there membership dues? How does payment work?

No fees. Literally zero. You’re only charged for nights that you stay.

We’ll reserve dates when you pay. Bookings for less than a month are charged up-front. For longer stays, we’ll charge you each month (only for as many, or few, nights that you actually stayed). Lastly, we also have a Flex plan for buying nights in bulk and using them flexibly, but that’s entirely optional.

Book for when you want, no fees involved.

Why don’t I just AirBnB? I mean, that’s how I always do it...

You could! It will just be a different experience.

Each Roam property is designed to balance privacy and community. So it’s easy to meet great people, and still have quiet productive time. Life is more fun when sharing is involved. You can also expect certain things reliably, since we manage each location. From kitchen utensils, to battle-tested internet, to amazing community managers hosting events. Of course, there will also be many spontaneous moments unique to your stay :)

So what do you mean by coliving?

It’s a balance of your private refuge plus design-inspired social areas. Imagine someone renovating an amazing boutique hotel, with fully furnished private rooms and bathrooms, adding a large chef’s kitchen, co-working office, and other awesome spaces to relax and hangout. Well, that’s exactly what we did.

The engaging and social vibe is what makes coliving unique. There’s always a communal dinner once a week (at least!) and other random events as they come up (always plenty). But our architecture and community is based on options, so there’s community when you want it, and privacy as you need it.

Ok, so how does this work? Can I try it?

We’d love to see you try us! After all, some things can only be experienced.

Just book a stay for any location. If you like it, then you can manage everything afterwards by yourself. You’ll gain access to our self-serve platform for extending stays, booking for other cities, and interacting with the community.

Still too early to commit? Drop in some information and get on a call with us.

How long must I stay?

At least one week. We have both weekly and monthly prices. Of course, we do favor members that stay longer, because that promotes better connections and a stronger community.

What makes Roam different from other coliving providers?

There’s a range of options. Many price-sensitive companies use bunk-beds and shared bathrooms. Tour-like companies have forced travel dates. Roam is definitely neither.

We provide private rooms and baths, the ability to come and go as you please, and natural opportunities to explore with others as you choose.

We’ve been featured in architecture, travel, and style magazines, plus all our locations are professionally managed by our own amazing staff

What about cleaning for rooms and communal spaces?

Communal areas are cleaned every morning. Rooms are cleaned every other week (included in the price). You can always pay for more frequent cleanings. All of our cleaners are incredible people so if you do make a big mess we ask that you pick it up the best you can, being considerate is an important quality. But if you miss a few spots, don’t worry, it will be impeccable by the time you come down to cook your toast in the morning.

What about couples? How many can stay in a room?

Up to two people may share a room (friends, couples, partners, etc). All prices are per room, not per person, so there are no extra costs for couples and only one person needs to make the booking.

Can I talk with a passionate human behind Roam?

Sure! Johan or Dane will answer any questions you have.
Email them here, or simply book a call with them below:

Can children live at Roam, too?

Depends on the location. Please do mention your little ones in your application and we'll get right back to you with a definitive answer.

What about my Pets?

As much as we love our furry friends, we don't allow them in any of our properties.

Check out services like DogVacay to organise a sitter while you're with us.

What happens to my home while I am at a Roam?

While you live the Roam lifestyle, you can either give up your existing residence, sublet it yourself or work with an AirBnB service provider (like Pillow) that will take care of your rental and maybe even earn some money for you to offset your travel costs.

How do I find a remote job so that I can live the Roam lifestyle?

You’re not the first person to ask this question. Sign up for our newsletter for more details, or check out our partners Toptal and Gun.io for remote work options.

When will you open the next Roam? Where will you open next?

Roam is expanding into new markets and is actively seeking suggestions for where to open next. If you know of a great Roam property or have a city in mind that positively needs a Roam, please contact us at re@roam.co.

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